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Kamden and Kayla started skating after their older sister, Karissa, had been in the sport several years. Karissa was 11, and at Non Test Level, Kamden was 9 and Kayla was 6. Kamden (currently 15 years old) picked up on it very easily, skating in his first Qualifying Event at 11 years old. Kayla (now age 12) has advanced quickly too, and is now an Intermediate. They have been coached by Barbara Murphy from the beginning. In addition to Barbara, they are now also partially coached by Sharon and Steve Baker. Kamden and Kayla started pairs just a few months into skating. They both say, there is no partner they would rather have.


Their older sister, Karissa, is now writing a book, and only skates on rare occasions. Karissa is one of their biggest fans, as they are hers.


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